Data Management and Data Entry Services

Services Offered

Our goal is to offer complete and productive solutions!

Data Collection

Through our survey services, we obtain all the data necessary for the implementation of successful Facility and Asset Management projects.

Vai a Servizi di rilievo e censimento.

Data Entry

We perform the analysis, elaboration and input of the Customer's data in our Softwares.

Data Migration and Integration

We migrate data from other I.S. or integrate GEOMAP information systems with others.

Macro Steps

We analyse our customers' data in order to import all the necessary information. In addition to the most common formats, our systems support the import of CAD, BIM and Mesh data.

Our systems can import data in the most common formats as well as CAD, BIM,. and Point Cloud files.

Our services enable to migrate data from other information systems or connect GEOMAP platform with existing systems in order to offer a unique and integrated solution.

All our systems are customizable to meet the needs of our customers. Customizations can concern license profiles or development of tailor mader functions and modules.