GEOMAP Web App for Asset Surveying

GEOMAP Web App for Asset Surveying and Labelling

GEOMAP Web App is integrated in Geomap Software and it enables asset surveying in an efficient, quickly and user-firendly way. Through the Web App all the assets can be managed on-site.
Assets can be inserted, in real time, directly into GEOMAP Software through any smartphone or tablet. It allows to survey asset spec information on-site and labeling them. The operator will be guided iduring the surveying process of all necessary information.

GEOMAP Web App guides the user through the acquisition of all the necessary information in a quickly and intuitively way.

Through the Web App is easy and quick to manage asset transfers.

The Web App supports the user in the placement of Qr-code and/or Rfid labels. Once applied, these can be read on-site in order to obtain all the information relating to the asset or request a corrective maintenance activity.