GEOMAP Mobile Wep App for Maintenance Management

GEOMAP Mobile Web App

With our Mobile Web App, you always have all the information you need on your mobile devices.

Geomap FMS Mobile Module ensures that all the information is always accessible anywhere. The maintenance activity demands efficiency,availability, and information: Geomap FMS Mobile application allows the highest level of integration between the maintenance teams and the operational centres. Once the work request has been processed, it reaches (on the tablet or smartphone) the team most suitable to carry out the work. In this way everything is monitored and it is possible to realize targeted and well-informed interventions:

  • Time of intervention;
  • Performance;
  • Work In Progress Control

The interface of GEOMAP Web App is designed to provide all the necessary information to the technicians allowing them to carried out the interventions properly and efficiently. Through any smartphone you can view the location of the object, technical information, state of urgency of the intervention requested, etc.

This technology allows to reduce times of intervention as well as to increase the certainty and efficiency of them.

Our Mobile Web App has been designed to provide to the technicians all the information they need to perform efficiently preventive maintenance activities.

The app notifies to the on-site technicians the corrective maintenance activities that have to be carried out, including all the necessary information.

Our algorithm optimizes the planning also taking into account the preventive maintenance activities already scheduled.

Our web app is a powerful tool for carrying out real estate survey aimed to create a data sheet for each asset and technical components of a property. Afterwards, we will be albe to manage all the assets previously surveyed.