Energy Consumption Management

Energy Management

GEOMAP Information Sysyem provides dedicated tools for the management, control, and accounting of energy consumption.

Our solution can be connected to any remote control or reading systems that may be located at the plant.

In the Energy Management module through a Dashboard is possible to check in real time the energy consumption.

GEOMAP Software can exchange data with telecontrol and remote reading systems.

In this way all data are centralized in a single solution that can used for predictive activities.

Electrical Counter

Electrical Counter
Water Counter

Electrical Counter and User Management

GEOMAP Software has modules designed specifically for electrical counter management, analysis, keep record of the consumption, and data storage.

Historical data are analyzed by GEOMAP Software Sistema in order to highlight any failure and optimize the energy management then.

Energy consumption can also be accounted and eventually sent to Third Party Accounting Systems (ERP).